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This is the engine I use to develop my games. Currently 3 games have been developed within the engine. These seperate purchases provide the different licences associated with using and selling byproducts of the tool.

Two licenses are provided

Personal - $9.99

You are free to develop games that are non-profit, mods for any games and use in game jams. 

Important: The personal license also must be purchased if you are purchasing a professional license.

Professional - $1,200

License to sell commercial games with revenue.

What can it do that others can't?

The engine was built specifically to create a game that feels like a complex god world or an ant colony simulator. Lot's of things going on all at the same time; this looks super fun and chaotic and allows for the game to grow extremely quickly in complexity, without the core gameplay changing much.

Run desktop-like simulation games in the browser
Developed with performance in mind, the entire engine was developed to run in a threaded capacity, using webworkers to relay messages between threads. This means multiple AI and tasks doing multiple things at once.

Complex object management database
A complex management database especially crafted for games with many many objects.

Complex AI State machine
Built from the ground up after many iterations, the AI state machine allows you to plugin direct statements to what you want an agent to do. This can include healing when low health, attacking players and chasing players.

Paths & Grid built in
Custom made grid system which can be any size, we can get really enormous maps with this chunk based system. Path finding is also built in with additions to the EasyStar library.

Complex UI State and Management
Our experimental UI allows you to use the same assets directly from the game within your UI, no other pipeline tools required. You can directly call UI components with one line and re-use them whereever you need.

Existing games

Arcade Builder 1

Arcade Builder 2

Dead Desert


The engine will export to 3 different formats:

1. Download executable

2. HTML5 Renderable (html package)

3. SGB Export format (for importing/exporting)


The engine can be used to develop rich experienced for both desktop and mobile with a speciality towards 5G delivered content.

The engine uses the latest technologies to deliver its logic and rendering, this includes WebGL and Webworkers in a multi-threaded environment (even for the browser/mobile)

The UI is entirely integrated into the toolkit and is developed using PixiJS components. It is also entirely optional to create custom HTML or React based UI's on top of the game.


The license comes with no form of formal support and you are buying solely the codebase and the license to redistribute. Jam Donut games is in no shape or form responsible to provide support solutions, although you can reach out to arrange a professional consultancy.

3rd Party and what isn't included

The engine utilizes MIT licensed tools which are documented within the source code. All other source code is included within this license for modification, distribution and sales. 

The graphical and audio assets used within the games listed above or those created by Jam Donut games are not to be modified or re-used in any commerical products in any capacity, this includes but is not limited to graphical tweaks, traces, minor changes and color changes.

Only products for those which are directly distributed for free to Dead Desert or other games operated by Jam Donut games may be include existing graphical assets from Jam Donut games distributed outside of this license.

In short this license allows you to modify the existing games, add new assets, add new game features and release and sell your game as long as you ensure all the graphical and audio assets belong to you.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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