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Arcade Builder is a casual business simulation game inspired by prison architect. Developed in 2 years on and off while working full time as a passion project by solo developer Adam Dougherty (jamdonut.com)

Open your own games arcade and deal with the influx of customers and their needs!

1. Start with humble beginnings with just a few pinball machines

2. Use research and upgrades to unlock more machines, offices and research equipment.

3. Watch out for events that can effect your happiness and cash flow

4. Hire the staff you need to keep your business running

5.Host parties for customers and provide all the necessities for customers to be happy

6. Build the entire arcade layout including walls, floor and lights

7. Listen to customer feedback and build your arcade accordingly

8. Idle mode level (no building, simply place the machines you want and play :) )

9. Complete set of tasks and missions to help guide you



The game has been released but is still undergoing development to ensure the game is robust and fun. 

I see this as a pre-release version before the game is launched on Steam and other platforms therefore the minimum price is currently set at 50%. If you have any issues please let me know!

Although I have taken every effort to ensure the game runs smoothly, if any errors do occur please save your game and reload it.

Thanks for being interested in my game and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Find out more about the project here!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jan 08, 2020
Rated 3.1 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Strategy
Made withPixiJS
TagsCity Builder, Economy, Idle, Management, Mouse only, Sandbox, Singleplayer, Tycoon
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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ArcadeBuilder.0.1.WIN.zip 84 MB
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ArcadeBuilder.0.1.Nix.rar 87 MB

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Thats a nice game,  maybe add a loan system?

how to ply on linux?

try the .nix.rar download

nah,parsing filter in unsupported

I love this game its simple and fun. I love a game with a sandbox mode and this does have one. There was one small bug, I'm not necessarily sure what caused it but after I started expanding my Arcade, most specifically added an office the builders just went back to their hold position and stopped working. Not only this, but every worker went there and remained in the wait position no matter what I did, hiring a new worker would just leave them stuck outside in the wait position. BUT, closing the game and restarting it fixed this issue :) 

good work to all the devs, I love the art style and simplicity of the game. I wouldn't change anything. Game was not buggy minus that one instance. Cheers :)

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback - I'm glad you enjoyed the sandbox mode, I had a few different modes. I am working on a new game at the moment with a muuuuuch bigger scope with lots of toggles and tweaks to make it how you want.

Glad the restart fixed your game, I think this may occur if you have so much AI in the game, the code wasn't the best at handling this.

I REALLY loved this game. Slight bug which means I can claim unlimited 1k grants on normal game but other than that. It was amazing! Here's a video I did on it...

I don't understand why my arcades keep failing. My customers are demanding ATM machiens but that's like end game tech, and I can't even come close to getting it unlocked before my business dies from low happiness.

Hm, maybe this needs balancing, you could try adding more snack machines and chairs - if there is no ATM they usually head to a chair, then head home (which affects unhappiness less)

i made this video about ur game i hope u enjoy  it

i just started doing youtube soo here u go :)

Nice video bro!!! Very good editting too very funny haha


how do you turn on power??

Deleted 3 years ago

Hiya Jeremy, sorry for the late reply I was working on performance after reading this and never came back to you. So what I'm interested in is your pc spec, could you possibly provide it?