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I REALLY loved this game. Slight bug which means I can claim unlimited 1k grants on normal game but other than that. It was amazing! Here's a video I did on it...

I don't understand why my arcades keep failing. My customers are demanding ATM machiens but that's like end game tech, and I can't even come close to getting it unlocked before my business dies from low happiness.

Hm, maybe this needs balancing, you could try adding more snack machines and chairs - if there is no ATM they usually head to a chair, then head home (which affects unhappiness less)

i made this video about ur game i hope u enjoy  it

i just started doing youtube soo here u go :)

Nice video bro!!! Very good editting too very funny haha


how do you turn on power??

Deleted 253 days ago

Hiya Jeremy, sorry for the late reply I was working on performance after reading this and never came back to you. So what I'm interested in is your pc spec, could you possibly provide it?