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Discover the forsaken planet known only as The Dead Desert... you find yourself waking up as a lonely clone destined for the recycling plant.

Somehow you were spared from the teeth of the Clone Grinder and given your own chance to change landscape of the desert.

After having being classified as a failed clone you face a world of constant dread and suffering for other clones and native alien species.

The humans in the different factions care little for clones, nature and all things natural, prefering to live hundreds of years and use high tech systems to make their life a living paradise.

But what happens when tech systems fail? What happens when clones start to rebel? What happens if all the things that can go wrong - do go wrong.

You begin your adventure of despair 100 years after the SinCorp Corportation has setup and established it's colony on a new planet. You step into the skin of a freshly born clone with no history or friends.

When you wake up to find the world in ruins, what decisions will you make? Whos side will you fight?

You start out with gathering resources, talking to NPC's and finding out about the different factions present on the planet. You can choose which factions to help, join or betray. 

After exploring for some time and helping factions you find blueprints to craft custom clones and robots, which require lots of resources and a clone vat to craft. 

You explore for more resources, defeating weak foes who posess more valuable resources, armours and weapons. Destroying their corpses let's you gather much needed Mulch faster.

After some time you have enough resources to start your own town, you begin by placing a few building and the crafting items you need to make clones, using your acquired Mulch 

You start growing some clones and crafting robots to help you progress in the games harder areas. After some time you have a couple clone body guards and some worker robots in your town.
You visit local towns and factions to find out about their bounties, other leaders and bosses who's brains hold high value. You track them down and kill them to steal their brain and return it for the bounty at a police station,  or keep it for your own use.

With your power and resources you begin to grow your town into a city, you are essentially another faction on the map.
You begin exploring the harder areas of the game, aided by your home grown clone/robot allies. You are reminded of the factions stopping progress on the planet you find yourself.
You have a choice, who will you help with your power. There are end game "missions" to complete for each of the 3 main factions.

Sometimes weird things are in the game.. Like pocket clones, mutant creatures and more.

Free roam adventuring on a desert planet with a mixture of wild west, sci fi and fantasy
Gathering and crafting of much required items, such as clone vats, weapons and armour
Ranged, Elemental and Melee based combat between large factions
Light dialog system with multiple options leading to different ways to get otherwise progress-locked content
Place your own city on the map and grow clones and robots to do the heavy work you don't want to do
Sell the high value items you come across to vendors, or start your own supply chain selling to different towns
Grow clones and brains to specifically behave how you want. Gather more brains to learn different traits

Release plans

- As of now I have no plans I have a job and this is a hobby.


deaddesert.0.4.2.zip 155 MB
deaddesert.pa.0.4.zip 154 MB
deaddesert.0.3.1.zip 142 MB
deaddesert.0.3.zip 143 MB
deaddesert.zip 143 MB

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how do i change the settings and enter the game


Is there any way to try out the game?


Heya, I'm re-adding the pre-alpha very soon, you should get notified when this happens! Thanks!