Nearly ready for alpha!

So just taking a break from programming and about to put the kettle on. I wanted to write a nice little update, one which covers the upcoming alpha changes to the development version of the game.

What does this really mean?

Up to now the game has been super buggy, unplayable and mostly acted as a test-bench for all of the code and systems I had developed. But soon that changes. A lot of the features now have been fleshed out and work robust although errors are still present in the code and thats why this is a move to just alpha and not a pre-release version!

So what can we expect?

So this version will have quite a few features, and will act as the web demo going forward. These are the things you will be able to do:

  • Complete up to 3 bounties suitable to the beginning of the game
  • Recruit members into your squad by either completing quests or hiring them
  • Build your base and some of the crafting required for upgrades
  • Buy and Sell with traders in each city
  • Find and loot rare blueprints which help you progress in the game
  • Fight squads of enemies and creatures from the desert
  • Discover some of the lore about the desert with up to 20 codecs to find

When is it ready?

Soon! Like super soon, maybe within a week maybe a bit longer. The short of it is, as soon as it's stable - it'll be here. I've got just a couple more changes/tweaks to add and then it's ready for human consumption!

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