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Hiyooooo Gamers! I'm in a midweek lul at the moment, the month is almost up and I'm still yet to find employment. But hey, the interviews have been great and the feedback has been good; I'm sure i'll find a middle ground eventually!

So today I want to talk a bit about the bases you can build in Dead Desert, and why. As you will see the desert is a game with adventure and open world exploration, so why would we need a base?

Loot Hoarding

As you progress through the game you will often come across many different items, enemies and towns. During your adventure you're sure to come across lots of loot and resources, this will be the first reason to have a base. Storing those goodies you don't want to sell or throw away.

Crafting & Supply chain

So you just found a blueprint for an advanced shotgun? Welp to craft that you'll need a workshop and all the resources to craft it. Sure you could go to the nearest town, buy the resources and craft it - but wouldn't it be more fun to make your own supply chain to get the resources you need?

Healing & Resting

If you find yourself exhausted from your fights, fatigued and looking for respite - the inns will serve you well at most towns, but come with a small cost. The beds at your home base are free every time you use them and you can have higher quality beds than those dusty inns.

Clone Birthing & Augmentation (wip)

So you have cloning technology and everything you need to produce a small army of quirky yet loyal clones and now with the right infrastructure at your base you can birth and augment many different types of clone. Collect DNA from the desert to splice with your clones and find new clone builds.

What else?

In future I have a couple of different plans for the home base. Acting as a center for your factions activities as well as being open to raids by other factions. This would introduce a small "defence raid" gameplay loop maybe once a week. If you wipe out the raiders home base they will never raid you again.

And so that's it folks! For now I'm getting back to hauling/crafting jobs AI so that the colony can craft for survival!


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