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Papa où t'es?

Despair not if you are worried (I'm sure no one is following, but to all you imaginary people out there do not worry). As you may have read from other posts I got into a new role last year which slowed down development to around 30% of the original development speed. This did have some impact but did not waiver my need to scratch that game dev itch.

So, I worked on a few things.. A lot of things, I'll try provide a quick breakdown along with some screenshots. This is by no means everything that was added and I'm just picking the highlights.

Rideable/Tameable Animals - Mantis and Bugs

Ugly creepy spiders and mantis for you to run away from... Or tame.. your choice.

Weird Obelisks

Part of the game is exploration and exploring the strange. Here is a sneak peek at such an endroit.

More start options

More ways to start the game, including race types and spawn zones.

Cheats, cheats and more cheats

You can now cheat! It's not really there for cheating to beat the game, but for those who enjoy experimenting, doing weird things, making videos - or even game devs who need to test certain aspects of the game!

Simply press ` inside the game to open the terminal at the top.

Some cheats right now:

superman - Give yourself lots of money and high stats

buddy - Spawn in another NPC you can control next to you

goto x y - Teleport to this co-ordinate

placeItem codename x y - Place this object in the world

giveItem codename quantity - Give this item to the active player

Some more stuff, still WIP:

> Brain replacement on all living things

> Towns/POI's on the map

> Unique characters, dialogs and codecs

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