Pre-Alpha 0.3 launched - Taking donations!

Hello amazing gamers! I hope you're all doing great today.

Recently I've been working hard to really tighten up the game ready for more user testing. I feel the game is at a good stage now to begin seeing more focused player feedback, and quicker iterations for the next 2 weeks.

This is the first game I am hoping to continue to develop over the next couple of years while trying to make it commercially successful. I love the project that much I want to pour all my ideas into it for 2 more years atleast.

The build right now is still unstable and prone to many bugs. But it should give players a sense of the game. I will also continue to provide lore, art and programming updates as development progresses.

The patch notes for the latest release are here:

I plan to continue developments for a few more weeks or months and then start the Steam integration process.


While the game is in development you can download the game completely free although this will change in the future. If you pay the recommended $5.99 or more then you will be given a key upon release on Itch and Steam. This represents around a 70% saving on my planned release price. Any donation to the project is greatly appreciated!

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