Towns & POI's

Just a little update, something I documented for the game I can quite easily copy and paste into here to share.

I've been working on town planning a lot recently, the overall layout of the map and what makes a town.

Towns & POIs

What makes a town?

Towns are hubs of life, typically a main faction and possibly other factions live within a town. A town should have services to provide survival, rest, luxuries and food goods to the public.

Towns are often plagued by bandits, wildlife and alien attacks, most towns employ some form of guards to protect from these attacks.

Some towns are more civilised and employ police systems to control their populace. If a town has a police system then when humanoids are killed or knocked out then they are recycled into the clone populace for that town through a process of re-braining and re-animation.

Less civilised towns, such as those inhabited by bandits or aliens may just leave the dead lying around, or recycle their bodies into much needed resources.

Town leaders can also often hold bounties wanted by other factions.These leaders are likely to be much stronger than other populations. It is highly likely if you attack a town leader the entire town will come to defend.

Towns which have their leader killed may change their faction over time, or after a game changing event.

A town should have the following services:

  • Armor Shop
  • Weapon Shop
  • Scrap Shop
  • NPC Spawners 
  • Inn (Optional)
  • Clinic (Optional)
  • Police Station (Optional)
  • Player House (Optional)
  • Gate Guards (Optional)

What are POI’s?

Points of Interest are areas of varying size which may provide loot, resources, bounties or other useful things to the player.

A POI can also act as a simple resting place, somewhere to take a moment to reflect and breathe. These POI’s will likely have lore scattered around, objects or codecs which provide deeper meaning to the overall world.

Other POI’s may include faction hideouts, or a bounties safe haven. Here you should prepare to attack and make your way through to your target. Expect to find high value loot, hard enemies and bounties.

Story POI’s are dotted around which provide progression into the 3 main plots within the game. These may be defended by enemies, have challenging puzzles or require certain sacrifices to take full advantage of their benefits.

Reference Map:

Get Dead Desert

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