Guard saves player from Deadhead

Goooood morning people! Hope you're all great today. It's a Saturday morning, 2nd coffee, as usual and I've got a little experience I want to share!

I was testing the game this morning, I was having so much fun just wandering around taking in the desert. I decided to head deeper into Landzo and a Deadhead started chasing me... These are like your beginner mobs, slow and useless but in a pack can take you out. So anyway I notice the Deadhead and decide to just kite it, when all the guards in the town suddenly turned and opened fire on the Deadhead. It had no idea where the shots came from! Too concerned with eating me I guess! Ha.

So yea, I'm having fun. I'm loving the game at the moment it's in a really good position to start more focused play testing soon.

One of my main focuses during the design was to see create opportunities for emergent behaviour and to see things even I didn't expect to happen; so far I've had quite a few experiences like this where even I think "wait I didn't think he'd kill me" haha. Don't kill your creator my little darlings, I MADE YOU muhahahahah!

If you're making a game and loving it, remember to share it with your friends, if you're looking for a fun experience - please keep a look out for Dead Desert!

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