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Lore, stories, things that make you think and wonder. Love it. I'm all about it. Have you ever played Ark?

In Ark, you are a survivor - and there are no quests or missions; just survival. But there are little notes everywhere, little tidbits of lore and story; Information about the world and the survivors that find themselves there. It's a great approach to story telling. Some people like me struggle to keep their attention to a story and rely on good gameplay to keep them interested.

When I'm eventually invested deeply into a game I begin to explore it's lore and story, this expands the lifespan of the game further while I hunt for more treasures and easter eggs related to the story. Or taking the same journey as one of those read in lore. It's what adventure is all about. Discovery, exploration and even the history of the land you find yourself in.

In the game right now there are a total of 20 codecs:

  • 8 Character codecs giving backstory to characters
  • 6 Biology codecs about the local wildlife
  • 6 Bookmaker codecs giving history to the universe

I plan to add many more as time progresses and new characters are added. Here are some of my favourite codec excerpts:

From Alexander Wang the leader of the Sincorp colony in Dead Desert

From Masha Lyuda a Sincorp defector who joins bandits

I hope the story around the world interests you and my writing inspires further investigation!

Until next time; hope y'all have a good day!

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